Liar.  Cheater.  Corrupt


How well do you know Gavin Newsom?

Elected office bestows influence and power. Gavin Newsom, a powerful man in a powerful position, repeatedly violated the public trust as mayor of San Francisco. He had an affair with a subordinate and engaged in a public relationship with a teenager 20 years his junior. Now is the time for Californians to act. Together we can stop Gavin Newsom.

What’s at Stake

  • Did you know that California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom had an inappropriate affair with his employee?
  • Did you know she was paid thousands of dollars for leave that was denied to other employees under similar circumstances?
  • Did you know about the 19-year-old girl Gavin “dated” while he was mayor?
  • Did you know that Gavin hired a director of parks that was forced to resign because of sexual harassment?

if the answer is NO

Then why would you trust him with your state?


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